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    Services | Australian Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce


    Starting, managing and growing a business in another country is as challenging as it is rewarding.
    We create the enabling platform and network that would promote trade and investment between Ghana and Australia through business development, advocacy, policy dialogues and technology exchange.


    Business Development

    AGCCI works to build the capacity of our members with improved business skills to enable them to be competitive in the bilateral space of business and trade. Through series of high powered workshops and fora, the peculiar needs of our members are addressed by our team of experts and industry players in international trade.


    Risk Advice

    Core in our business outline is Risk Advice. We are committed to safeguarding the investments and business interests of our members through the adoption of high ethical standards and best practices in the international space. We also carry out strict background checks of all business entities and individuals investing through our chamber and with our members.



    In order to ensure that the concerns of members are promptly addressed to remove any bottlenecks in trade within the bilateral space, AGCCI engages stakeholders, government agencies and bilateral partners on behalf of our members. Concerns and needs of members are resolved through solicitations, campaigns, petitions, information papers and research with relevant government agencies. Feedbacks are thoroughly discussed with members for the best adaptation to facilitate and safeguard their investments. Additionally, we promote the interest of our members through publications, trade promotions, and information exchange.


    Social Connect

    Considering that social contacts are the building blocks for lasting political and economic relations at the state-to-state level, the AGCCI uses its structures to enhance person-to-person relations between Ghanaians and Australians, as part of its cultural diplomacy, to further bolster the bilateral ties between Ghana and Australia. Thus, we bridge cultural gaps between the two sides for better understanding and appreciation of each other’s value systems for stronger friendships.



    This is our networking model: We connect member businesses and promote their interests with partner businesses and industries. We mount trade fairs, international expos, and promotions in order to bring our services, goods and technology under a common platform to create the opportunity for members to connect with potential partners and also market their interests. Through Social Connect, we also market tourism and traditional arts and crafts.


    Technology Exchange & Promotion

    AGCCI identifies and promotes the transfer of technology and skills between Ghana and Australia to help grow bilateral trade and business interests of our members. Key and strategic technology strengths of both countries will be identified, highlighted, and promoted to enhance the growth of the businesses of members.


    Get in touch with Us

    Send us an email on info@agcci.org.au

    Ghana Address

    Office 105, 19 Kofi Annan Street
    Airport Residential


    (+233) 30 703 8330 (Ext – 114)

    Australia Address

    6 Speed St. Liverpool, NSW, AU 2170​.


    (61) 2 91198863